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History of Sisters of St Anne, Bangalore

Founder Stephen Louis

Rt. Rev. Bp. Stephen Louis Charbonnaux

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore, takes its pride in tracing its origin to venerable and veteran missionary Rt. Rev. Bishop Stephen Louis Charbonnaux of the French Foreign Mission. He was the first Vicar Apostolic of the then Mysore Mission. He had great zeal and enthusiasm for Christ and Evangelization.

Realizing the importance of catholic education and moral instruction, especially of the children he invited the religious of the Good Shepherd of Angers (France) in 1854 to take charge of Catholic schools and Orphanages in Bangalore. These foreign sisters willingly came, but could not manage the local language. So, he took the providential, yet brave step to start an Indian Congregation. He proposed it to his Episcopal council. It was unanimously accepted. Thus in 1857, Bishop Charbonnaux planted a seed of his desire in founding a religious Community for Indians of all castes under the patronage of St. Anne, the educator of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Founder Stephen Louis

Rt. Rev. Bp. Thomas Pothacamury

This new Congregation was given to the care of the Good Shepherd Sisters to be trained in religious discipline. The sisters of St. Anne, who were called as “Indian sisters”  took to teaching and catechizing the Indian children in schools and orphanages as their main apostolate.  After over 100 years of this association with the Good Shepherd sisters,  the process of departure the Congregation from the Good Shepherd took place under the paternal guidance of the  late Archbishop of Bangalore, Bishop Thomas Pothacamury. The Congregation of Sisters of St. Anne, of Bangalore became autonomous in 1959.  Our Mother House is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka.


 On 1st  November 1992, the Holy See granted the Congregation the status of a religious Congregation of Pontifical Right, thus recognizing the growth and development of the Congregation and its place in the universal Church. In 1995 the General Chapter recommended the division of the Congregation into Provinces and Region for its better administration and further growth.  Thus the congregation is divided into 3 Provinces and one Region under the Superior General. At present the Congregation has 650 professed sisters, 27 Novices and 48 Pre-Novices and 68 Candidates with 92 communities in 30 dioceses working with great zeal and enthusiasm for the continued progress of the Congregation with its motto  "Love and Service". The Congregation is growing by the grace of God and the blessings of the Almighty.

Emblem of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. ANNE

The hands holding up the world in the emblem above remind us of our mission to offer the entire human race to the Triune God through our loving and dedicated service. The cross stands for love, suffering and sacrifice. The burning lamp is the symbol of the Risen Lord. It inspires us to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth by our Christo-centric life.

  • Charism: Evangelization through Loving Service
  • Motto: "ove and Service"
  • Spirituality: Eucharistic Adoration
  • Founder: Bishop Stephen Louis Charbonnaux (Etienne Louis Charbonnaux)  MEP
  • Patroness: St. Anne
  • Reformer: Archbishop Thomas Pothacamury
  • First Superior General: Mother Presentation

Provinces and Voice-Province

  • Karnataka: Our Lady of Mercy Province
  • Andhra- Telangana- Orissa- Chattisgar –Punjab: Sacred Heart Province
  • Kerala-Maharastra: St. Thomas Province
  • Tamilnadu: Little Flower Vice-Province

Our Generalate at Miller's Road, Bengaluru

Our Generalate at Miller’s Road, Bengaluru

Our Superiors Generals