St. Anne's Convent Gajendragada

St. Anne's Convent Shahabad

New Community in Gulbarga: At the request of the Bishop Robert Michael Miranda Bishop of Gulbarga, a second community at Shahabad in the diocese of Gulbarga was inaugurated on 4th June to take up the Education Ministry in this place. There is an existing school which has till Standard VIII. There are three sisters in this community and they are Sr. Reena John the Superior, and the members are Srs. Nirmala Mary. A and Pramila kumari. Sisters teach in the Parish school. Bishop gave a furnished house for the sisters' stay. This house was blessed by the Bishop of Gulbarga and a few priests joint him for the inaugural Concelebrated Eucharist. Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Arul Mary, Asst. Provincial Rev. Sr. Alphonse John and the Province Procurator Sr. Lilly Peter were present along with our sisters from Aland for the inaugural ceremony. They are very happy with the service of our sisters.

May God grant them the necessary graces to realize His presence amidst them and they may impart the love of God through their service in this area.

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